It's powerful and at the same time a


Let me show you how simple
Grab your shit together and


Go to the Github page and download the simpleslider.js file. Don't forget to download the touchswipe.js and transit.js if you're going for a complete (and still simple) slider.
Now you have the files you can include them in your header.

Done? Let's move on!
Time to start this party


Now it's time to bind the simpleslider on your HTML element. Check the Github README for an example HTML.

$(document).ready(function(){ $(".slider").simpleSlider(); });
Done? Let's move on again!
And you're done! Grab a beer and


SimpleSlider will now do the rest. Are you looking for more options? Check the Github readme!

SimpleSlider standard comes with a few methods, triggers and a tracker. These are all easy to configure. More information about them can be found on the Github page
Btw, this site has been made using simpleslider!